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The world will turn upside down!

Vertical dance with multimedia

Vertigo Agency specializes in window repairs. Are you bored by the same boring view from your window day in and day out? Do you no longer feel happy when you look outside the window? Worry not, Vertigo is here just for you! They are willing to turn the world upside down just to please their clients.

The Window is just another day on the job in the field, where they meet Mr. Bruno, an elderly, bored poet who lost his inspiration. Vertigo takes a playful approach to understanding our personal perception. How much of it is really up to us, what colour is the world out there? How can we impact it? Or can we? If we’re not happy with the view, is the problem within us or beyond us?

The French-Slovenian duo takes us into an intimate spectacle in a light, humorous and absurd way. The performers narrate the story and join various performance types: 
Interactive street theatre and puppet art.
Live video with animated paper and drawings.
Vertical dance as a playful narration technique.

Suitable for all audiences. Children and grandmothers always like to revisit!

Runtime: 25 minutes

  • Vertigo Agency


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