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  • 20.00 - 23.00
  • Admission free.


Funk rock band Flaster has been around for a year or so. In March, the band published their first album, simply called Flaster. Their music is based on old funk rock songs with a modern-age sound. The album was produced by Danilo Ženko. 

After a successful debut gig in Maribor, the band embarked on a short tour to Marburg, Germany, where they won the hearts of the audience despite lyrics in Slovene. 

The band also recorded a video (with Rudi Uran behind the lens) for the single Malo si magična. The band are currently touring Slovenia to promote their album. 


  • David Vezjak - guitar, vocals
  • Tomi Erceg - bass
  • Matjaž Lorber - drums


Slovenian All Stars band 

Simply saying they play southern rock and blues doesn’t do justice to the seven-member band The Dreams. Yet these are the genres at the foundation of a live improv gig that builds on Allman Brothers Band classics. 

The Dreams have been touring Slovenian and foreign music venues since end of 2011. 

A gig of 2 hours and more, brimming with energy and emotion, a jam-session-in-concert. This experience can only be had by visiting their concert. Come live the dream… 

The Dreams:

  • Andrej Vengušt - vocals, harmonica 
  • Luka Vehar - guitar
  • Boštjan Zorc - guitar
  • Gašper Peršl - drums
  • Vili Grdadolnik – slide guitar
  • Mitja Kavčič - Hammond organ
  • Jure Lopatič - bass 



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