GT22 enriched the festival last night by unveiling a new fence spanning from Židovska Street to the kindergarten Ivan Glinšek – Pristan unit. They also unveiled a new exhibition at the Maribor Street Gallery.


The interdisciplinary laboratory GT22 at Glavni Trg (Main Square) 22 kicks off this year’s festival programme tonight with Fokus Graz that will present to the audiences of Festival Lent the history, visual art, film, and theatre originating in the capital of Austrian Styria – the former European Capital of Culture. GT22 devoted the first two days of Festival Lent to the ZaDostopNaLent campaign in of which they raise funds to arrange access from Židovska street down to Lent for people with special needs. They’ve so far raised enough money to unveil a new fence yesterday (23 June) that will ease the climb from the kindergarten Ivan Glinšek – Pristan unit to Židovska Street for everyone. Aside from that, they already launched a new fund raising camping, as they are determined to arrange access to Lent for everyone.

They also plan to build an elevator, which would definitely be a more than welcome addition for parents with children, tourists, and everyone else who has a hard time climbing stairs. GT22 also plan on laying tactile markings along the GT22 building and Židovska Street. To raise money, they are gathering unique artworks for charity auctions, held live at GT22 premises. Other artworks, T-shirts and bags by three Maribor designers, Nenad Cizl, Toni Soprano and Urška Kerkeš, can be purchased online as well. You can offer your artwork and other pieces to be auctioned off by sending an email to or calling 040 593 328 (Tonja Kos), where they’ll be glad to provide more info as well. Any cash donations are also more than welcome. You can donate to ‘Ustanova Fundacija Sonda’, Gregorčičeva ulica 56, 2000 Maribor, purpose of payment: ‘Donacija Za GT22 – ZaDostopNaLent’ (Donation for GT22 – ZaDostopNaLent), IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 2771 303, recipient bank’s BIC: ABANSI2X.

Aside from building a new fence, the GTers also unveiled a new photo in the Maribor Street Gallery that was opened just a month ago in cooperation with the company Tam-Tam mestni plakati. Next month, you can visit Židovska Street to see the photo Sunshine – Sonce sije, shot by the internationally acclaimed Swiss-Slovenian art duo Veli & Amos. The Maribor-born half of the street art collective, Veli Silver, was there for the unveiling, commenting on the photo:

“You can perceive the photo through its backstory, when we met a very interesting man and a horse on the beach, and there is an element of love in the background. But you can also focus on the colour range that binds different elements.”