Folkart is still a young buck who entered his (first?) thirty years in great style. He grew up big; known all over the world, a favourite and desired destination of many foreign folk dance groups.

Milestone anniversary! That’s right, we’re upping the festivities this time around. The milestone, 30th Folkart, will once again make the young and old alike rejoice as part of the Festival Lent 2018, this year again on the grand floating stage on the Drava river.

It’s promising and it promises!

For the small price of a ‘Lenta’ festival pass, all fans of the magical and colourful folk heritage of the world can have their fill of folklore. Yes, all it takes this year is a ‘Lenta’ pass; no extra ticket required. Two grand concerts await at the Main Stage on the Drava river; the opening ceremony (Tuesday, June 26th at 21:00), and the grand finale, closing with a majestic display of fireworks, a gift for the performers and the good people of Maribor (Saturday, June 30th at 21:30).

All across Maribor, street performances of world-class folklore groups from all over the world will be available to you completely free of charge.
On Wednesday, June 27th, and Thursday, June 28th, before noon and in the evening, and on Saturday, June 30th, when ‘half the town’ gathers at Grajski trg square, we will be able to witness tens of performances by folklore groups galloping through centre town, caroming through the streets and squares, and ending in the Town Park. All topped up by grand parades!

The folklorists can hardly wait for these performances, delighted by the throngs of people lining up on the streets and in the stands, whom the dancers are always eager to meet and teach a dance move characteristic of their cultural tradition. Each and every one of them lauds and loves the audience in Maribor.

Full of colour, full of wonder, full of passion!

Choosing the groups for the big milestone was a special challenge; oh, yes, quite a task. A long and challenging task, sometimes brimming with panic… What if some of them don’t show up? The anxiousness and uncertainty reigns supreme every year until the dance groups come to town, but over the years we’ve learned to cope with those. Once again, we’ll be able to live and see the diversity common to the people of our planet. Take, for example, the folklore group from Argentina; they called us and wanted to be part of the festival, having heard of Folkart and deciding they wish to show us their tango, a dance of passion born in the slums of Buenos Aires. Get ready to meet the amazing, charmingly casual Montenegrins, who exude pride and aristocratic heritage in every step they take. We’ll be joined by the African ‘lions’ from Kenya, who will bring along their steaming rhythms of the Black Continent. We will witness the excellent dance group from Peru, keeping alive the mysterious culture of the Inca. The Tuva Republic, a lesser known gem from Southern Siberia on the border of Mongolia, known for guttural signing and dancers who keep alive the tradition of nomads. We’ll greet the excellent dance group from Serbia and be able to relive the memories of our former common land. Of course, Folkart is nothing without Slovenia – our locals, hosts to the dance groups during their stay in Maribor, the tireless members of the Academic folk dance group Študent Maribor; can’t have a Folkart without them. Also joining us are the members of the Academic folk dance group France Marolt from Ljubljana, a group that was with us at the very first Folkart.

We’ve been planning, searching, piecing together the puzzle, working like crazy, throughout the year, and a few years before that, before we could finally cast the programme in stone. Now we can all look forward to seeing folk dance groups from all of the world and enjoy when they walk up on our stage. We’re glad to see the happy faces and relaxed joy of the people of Maribor, as well as visitors from elsewhere, and see how they enjoy the excellent performances of the folk dancers, the hearty ambassadors of their amazing traditions and cultures.

Argentina: Fiery and passionate rhythms of folk tradition and tango.

Asociación Artístico Cultural de Tango y Folclore »Nuestras Raíces«, Rosario

Due to mass migrations to their country, Argentinians are known as the most ‘European’ nation in South America. They are a proud, confident and traditional people, loyal to the family and their rich history. The plethora of cultural influences is therefore reflected mostly through their own tradition. The folk dance group Nuestras Raíces (Our Roots) keeps alive in equal parts the tradition of gauchos, Argentinian shepherds known all over the world, and tango, born from the slums of Buenos Aires. A performance filled with passion and love for art.