Additional information

Important notes

Tickets for wheelchair users
At Narodni dom Maribor, we strive to give wheelchair users access to performances and concerts. All festival venues are barrier-free, with the exception of the Mladina stage, which is accessible upon prior notice. For wheelchair users admission is free. The accompanying person pays the full ticket price.

Tickets for children
During the festival, we have prepared a large selection of events, concerts and workshops in the city park and in the Vetrinjski dvor mansion, which are adapted to our youngest audience and are completely free for visitors of all ages.
For the program at other festival venues for which tickets are required, children must also hold tickets. Children up to 10 years are only granted access in the company of adults.

Cancellation of the event
If the event is interrupted before halfway through the program and the organizer does not provide an alternate date, the buyers of tickets for events with additional entrance fee are entitled to a refund of the ticket price. Tickets can be returned to the organizer Narodni dom Maribor within 5 days after the scheduled date of the event.
The seats on the main stage on the Drava and the Minoriti stage offer different listening and viewing conditions and the seats are wet in the event of rain. For these reasons, the organizer does not refund ticket prices.

Due to safety reasons, the number of visitors at the venues is limited.