Even if you did have a wooden leg, the Wooden Legs would get you to dance!

The Wooden Legs are five artists from Trieste, Italy. The band’s artistic quality is unquestionable – all members have degrees in music, having studied at the Trieste Conservatory of Music, where they combined their studies with research of original Celtic and Irish folk music. Their repertoire is broad, ranging from traditional ballads to original music. The Wooden Legs have a unique musical technique that leads to a special fusion of different chords with an atmosphere characteristic of folk music. The band’s speciality are their live performances – full of power and engagement with the audience. Countless appearances at festivals and pubs across Europe gave them the deserved title of “the most extreme Irish band”, a title fully endorsed by music experts as well.

Wooden Legs

  • Giovanni Settimo, vocals, guitar
  • Alice Porro, flavte, penny whistle
  • Sebastiano Frattini, fiddle
  • Anselmo Luisi, vocals, bodhrán, drums, percussion
  • Michele Blasina, bass



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