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  • 20.00 - 23.00
  • Admission free.


Groovocado is one of the healthiest ‘musifruits’ on the planet, as large quantities contain all life-essential nutrients, such as soul, funk, disco, pop, rock’n’roll, and 80’s and 90’s gems. It also contains nice beards, well-kempt coifs and their own Jesus. It its effective in battling stress, boredom, unease and, according to recent studies, the human condition called ‘meh’. 

9 artists full of life who will get your booty bouncin’! 


  • Monika Mulec, vocals
  • Nejc Kosanič, guitar
  • Rok Šeško, bass
  • Tine Brglez, keyboards
  • Jure Skaza, drums, vocals
  • Gregor Preložnik, trumpet, vocals 
  • Sašo Fekonja, saxophone
  • Marko Makuc, trombone
  • Tina Ritlop, vocals


When talking about the fusion of musical heritage with the expression of popular music, Katalena is the band still fearlessly pushing the boundaries of folk music – by grabbing its tail and making it their own through unique interpretation. The upcoming record, their seventh to date, the band will present in concert draws from the heritage of Slovenian folk songs with a military theme and is materially supplemented by poetry turned into music by Ivo Brnčić and Katalena’s own songs that follow the folk tradition in content and style. 

In almost 17 years of existence Katalena have launched a plethora of successful and resounding projects, released six albums, all of which were lauded by critics and audiences alike, and regularly performs in Slovenia and abroad. Three years after their record Enci benci Katalenci they now return with their seventh album Človek ni zver, with Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Glitterbeat Records) on the production board. If the previous album resembled playfulness, Človek ni zver now brings more serious tones.

Človek ni zver is an album about the absurdity of war. The rhyme of Ivo Brnčić that inspired the title of the record ends with … ki mori na skrivaj (‘… that kills in stealth’). When mankind embarks on a killing spree, it does so with great fanfare and pompous speeches that often mask our leaders’ interests with shining colours of patriotism. Yet those who are led to war amidst the political rhetoric are no better off for all the speech and fanfare … 

Even a quick glance at the underlying musical heritage reveals its typical essence: songs devoid of heroic spirit, describing the anguish and fear of the young man rather than heroics. In their quests Katalena focus on the fact that these songs tell stories of men taken away from home against their will and for reasons unknown to them, and faced with the threat of death. These are stories of pain and suffering. Yet this heritage is essential; even if we accept war as a historical necessity, its intimate essence is that of utter nonsense. 

"Katalena have never sounded so convincing, mature, uncompromising, touching and subtle at the same time." Katarina Juvančič, Odzven 2018


  • Vesna Zornik - vocals, back vocals
  • Polona Janežič - piano, keyboards, psaltery, back vocals
  • Boštjan Gombač – clarinet, saxophone, flugelhorn, theremin, ukulele, tin flutes, fujara, trombone, back vocals 
  • Tibor Mihelič Syed – bass guitar, sintir, ukulele, Roland HPD 20, guitar, back vocals 
  • Boštjan Narat – guitar, banjo, back vocals 
  • Robert Rebolj – drums, percussion 



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