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  • 16.00 - 20.00
  • City park
  • Admission free.

All programs are free of charge and fully charged – with fun!

TREASURES OF OUR FOREFATHERS – ethnology and heritage

Ethnology and heritage! The legacy of our forefathers is the link to the present and the future. Let’s not break the ties that make us and our homeland who we are. Let’s listen to what the past has to tell us, therein lie our powers – spiritual, creative, life powers. Join us in getting to know and preserving ancient art and knowledge, back to the roots. Let’s take a walk across Slovenia, meet the lovers of cultural and natural heritage, bring old customs back to life, and hone our craftsmanship in local and artistic crafts.

THE WORLD IS A COLOURFUL PLANET – learning about other cultures

There are over seven billion people in this world. They differ in colour, race, gender, size, culture, religious and political beliefs, and many other things. But there is one thing we all share – we all live on a beautiful blue planet orbiting around the galaxy in an infinitely vast space. Let’s meet each other, but first and foremost, let’s love each other.

MATURING THROUGH ART – fine art and art of design

In the words of the great Georges Braque, “Art is made to disturb, science reassures.” We therefore invite you to take an exciting journey and look within yourself through diverse art workshops and presentations. Art as heritage, painting, graphic design, sculpting, wood sculpting, knitting, electronics; something new every day. Large-scale paintings drawn by many artists, painting onto natural materials, building with clay, crafting masks, jewellery, pieces to use every day. Art is helping us mature.

READING BEACH – literary fun

Books are our friends. By grabbing hold of a book and spreading the covers wide we can fly like birds into far-off unknown lands. At the Reading Beach we can bathe between the lines, listen to a shell whisper its stories, sail on the waves of creativity, and build castles made of poetry.

PLAYGLADE – games of our and your youth

Playing is a spontaneous and creative pastime present in all stages of our lives. To play means to be free, open, and feel good. We get to know the world and ourselves through games. We play to have fun. The end result is not important, it has no future use, and it’s only relevant here and now. Keep playing, keep playing!

ROOTS OF THE HEART – humanitarianism and charity

Roots of the heart are a treasure. They bind and represent humanitarian organisations working in health, social services, upbringing, education, youth services, volunteerism, and the environment. Members and beneficiaries of these organisations will present their indispensable endeavours in a creative and unique way. Let’s join them for a presentation, play a game with them, engage in creative activities, take part in workshops on recycling, take part in counselling, various presentations and awareness-raising on values that enrich our lives and give meaning to our relationship with the fellow man. From the roots of the heart to the roots of the world!

DUMPLY’S KITCHEN – cooking adventures

Dumply is a chef who knows good food. He has a special gift, using his skills and a touch of magic to show and teach how to prepare a healthy and delicious meal. Armed with a big smile, plenty of good mood and with a big heart, Dumply wants you to know: Food = Medicine! Cooking is magic and art at the same time. It is the way we prepare and eat our food. It is the experience of food and the ability to enjoy our food, it is knowing how to experience taste, colour, smell and sound to the fullest. Cuisine is a hedonistic experience of eating and everything that goes along with it. Cooking workshops, stands offering a variety of goodies, food sampling, cooking advice, exchanging recipes, and much, much more.  

FANS OF NATURE – ecology and working with plants

Our gardening section is spreading knowledge on how to properly treat soil, plants and their animal friends and is offering you a chance to learn about eco-systemic production. Our ecology section is giving you a chance to learn old and new techniques of creating items for everyday use from natural materials and the art of creating useful items from waste as part of our workshops on recycling. Immerse yourself in the world of herbs and aromatherapy. Our natural riches are facing grave danger if we do not learn how to respect and listen to them.

CHALLENGE-INVENTION – science and technology

CHALLENGE-INVENTION takes us from minute, yet very interesting things that are beyond the lenses of microscopes, all the way to the stars. Try your hand as a model-maker, technology expert, physicist, and dreaming astronomer. Even more experiments and research and even more technological skills. This year we are dedicating our model-makers’ workshops to looking into the past and learning about our technological heritage – ethnotechnology. Our bike repair workshop will take care of the greenest, most environment-friendly rides.

LITHE AND LIGHT, WE’RE ALRIGHT – fun with sports

Lithe and Light, We’re Alright is a section about learning various sports disciplines and activities. You can choose from different sporting equipment and play badminton or table tennis, jump rope, throw and catch a Frisbee and vortex, play bocce ball, try our rowing machine … Join our morning group stretching or join your peers doing the morning wake-up in the glade. Learn natural forms of movement in two skills grounds adjusted to the age of participating children. Play with the colour parachute, try to catch your balance and improve your accuracy with a special game. And on top of that, lots and lots (and lots) of presentations of different sports, associations, and organizations.

PAMPERINGS – relax your body and soothe your mind

Pamperings are all about love and personal growth – workshops for personal growth, therapies to improve relationships, improve the quality of life, and learn the art of living. Take care of your body – physical and mental activities to improve your life energy and essentials for your well-being, relaxation, and pampering. The presence of mind for better living – the best way to strengthen your inner conscience, look into yourself and get to know yourself better, to open your mind and find inner peace.

DOGS, FRIENDS OF THE PEOPLE – presentation of associations and organizations dealing with dog care and breeding

A dog is man’s best friend. Why? Come and find out for yourself. What are the characteristics of different breeds of dog and how can dogs help in different lines of work? For all dog lovers and inquiring minds! Dog breeding, rescue dogs, therapy dogs helping children, the youth, and the elderly with special needs and disorders, and, last but not least, a healthy lifestyle with a dog. Let’s not forget about tips and tricks for dogs and all things dog. Woof!

LIVING LIBRARY – conversations with live books

In the Living Library visitors – readers can borrow a book; not a hardcover, but a living cover! Living books are people with interesting life stories.

ARTINFO – info point

Aside from being given friendly advice and all kinds of information, our info points can offer first aid for smaller and larger mishaps. You may also find a thing you seem to have misplaced, including parents, friends, or children. Or you can just stop by for a chat. Freedom and laughter start with Artinfo.

All programs are free of charge and fully charged – with fun!
Visitors partake in the programs at own liability.
Programs cancelled in the event of rain.


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