The music of Tamara's international Transhistria Ensemble is a unique combination of jazz with elements of Istrian and Mediterranean folk music and many elements of modern music.

The success of this merger is certainly due to Tamara's incredibly fine-tuned sense of the Istrian melody and dialect combined with jazz craft, but also due to the artistic expression of this group of top-ranking musicians, who do not rely on existing jazz clichés, but on their acute sense of intuition for each particular composition.

This exceptionally musical and creative band which is remarkable for the obvious alchemy between all its members shows its best side at live performances when they play in a spontaneous and relaxed way; their interpretations of Tamara's unique music are suffused with spontaneity, inventive improvisation, freedom, humour and the ability to communicate with the audience, while Tamara's voice is equally impressive when she sings lyrics and when she performs vocals.

Thanks to their experience and enviable musical skills, every member of the band is always ready for shifts and unexpected changes inspired by the atmosphere and the mood of the moment.

Tamara Obrovac Transhistria Quartet

  • Tamara Obrovac, vocal, flute, author 
  • Uroš Rakovec, guitar, mandola 
  • Žiga Golob, bass 
  • Krunoslav Levačić, drums