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Trash Candy

Špela Gorogranc (vocal)
Tine Matjašič (bass, vocal)
Jernej Metež (guitar)
Martin Potočnik (guitar)
Tomaž Medvar (drums)

It’s that feeling… that moment… that primal excitement when you, as a young rascal, got the new record of your favourite band, press “play” and feel invincible.  Trash Candy will try to bring up that feeling in you and to wake up the little rebel who sleeps deep inside of you. Maybe he/she is a bit scared, unexperienced and still searching for his/her place under the sun and that might be the reason why he/she is not out yet. But maybe he/she is just waiting for the right moment when he/she will be able to step up for himself/herself!

What started off as a side project, soon turned into a proper band when a couple of friends from the local punk rock and hard-core scene began doing something more catchy and simple – something for everyone. 


Žarko Kovačević – Žare (vocal)
Aleksandar Luković – Lukac (guitar)
Sanja Lalić (vocal, keyboards)
Nenad Đorđević – Đole (bass)
Boris Tasev – Bora (keyboards, accordion)
Tihomir Hinić – Tile (drums)
Nebojša Pavlović (trumpet) 

S.A.R.S. was formed in 2006 at Belgrade, Serbia. Their sound can be described as a mix of pop rock, reggae, blues, jazz and hip hop with the ethnic music of Serbia. S.A.R.S. is short from “Sveže amputirana ruka Satriania” or in English “Freshly amputated arm of Satriani”. Their most popular song is ‘’Buđav Lebac’’ which was a big summer hit in Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian underground scene. The band is one of the leading acts of the so-called New Serbian Scene.

The Real McKenzies

It I can be said, without any exaggeration, that The Real McKenzies are a national treasure. Founded in 1992 by the larger than life, punkrock poet laureate, Mr Paul McKenzie, this merry band of miscreants has spent a quarter century circumnavigating the globe to bring the McKenzies gospel to an ever-adoring throng of rebels, scallywags and ne’er do wells. There’s not many bands that can boast of a twenty-five-year career as staggeringly adventurous, wildly tempestuous and utterly death-defying as The Real McKenzies. It would be a serious mistake to write them off as just another Celtic punk band. They are an unstoppable juggernaut of touring mayhem. A ferocious troupe of insanely talented minstrels, storytellers and entertainers melding traditional acoustic and electric to create a sound like no other. Their list of accolades is long. From sharing the stage with the likes of NOFX, Rancid, Flogging Molly, Metallica and Shane McGowan to appearing in film, books and video games to signing with the legendary Fat Wreck Chords, their story continues to astound.

And now, to celebrate their landmark twenty-fifth anniversary, The Real McKenzies return with their 10th and very best long-player to date. And that’s not hyperbole. This is an absolutely monumental giant of an album. "Two Devils Will Talk" is fourteen tracks of pure, unbridled audio bliss. The songs are rebellious, poignant and achingly heartfelt with an extra helping of Scottish charm and wit to boot. The recurring and very timely themes of Two Devils Will Talk are hope, perseverance and living your life to it’s fullest. Opening track “Due West” is an anthemic epic about moving forward and never looking back, while “Seafarers” is a rollicking tale that deals with accepting the fact that you can’t change how the waves roll, only how you roll through them. There’s even a glorious cover of Stan Rogers’ “Northwest Passage” and a spectacular reworking of “Scots Wha Ha'e” (one of the first ever Real McKenzies recordings). “Two Devils Will Talk” sees a resilient, triumphant and defiantly hopeful band at the very top of their game. 

You may be asking yourself; how do I get in on what will surely be the party of the century? Well, fear not true believers, The McKenzies' ship will be embarking on massive tours across USA, Europe and Canada to bring the celebration to a stage near you in 2017. So, raise a glass, raise a fist, or better yet, raise a little hell for twenty-five years of The Real McKenzies, and another one still for many more happy years to come!

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