• 23.6. - 1.7. 2017


Pharoah Sanders – saxophones, vocal
William Henderson – piano
Oli Hayhurst – double bass
Gene Calderazzo – drums 

There are not many of them still alive. Those for whom we can say, that they were fellow passenger at the most important stages of the development of contemporary Afro-American music in the second half of the 20. century, co-creators of the its most propulsive highlights, co-workers, and later mentors of those who gave it entirely new dimensions. »Probably the best tenor saxophone player in the world,« said Ornette Coleman. Before his death in 1970, Albert Ayler could tell: »Trane was the Father, Pharoah the Son, and I was the Holy Spirit!«.

»Kulu Se Mama«, »Om«, »Mediations«, »Ascension«, »Expression« are only some albums recorded by John Coltrane, with ineradicable traces of Pharoah Sanders. Then there are the records of Alice Coltrane, Don Cherry, Jazz Composers Orchestra and a long line of innovators of that time without whom jazz today wouldn’t be the same. And, most of all, there is his own, prolific work: his music has already become the synonym for emancipation of black people in the USA in the 60s, it brought enthusiasm to the fight for freedom and equality and combined blues as well as gospel on the edge of transcendental feeling. »The creator has a master plan,« is a composition from the album Karma recorded in the year 1969, which is still creating agitation and caused the rebirth of the soul and jazz movement as well as the DJ culture, which appreciates Sanders today as never before.

The unique personality with a cult status and his priceless historic role in the development of music in the 20. century is coming to Maribor for the first time! 

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