• 23.6. - 1.7. 2017


Bennie Pete – tuba
Larry Brown – trombone
Chris Cotton – trumpet
Alvarez Huntley – trumpet
Andrew Calhoun – saxophones
Tyrus Chapman – trombone
Harry Cook – bass drum
Anthony Brooks – snare drum

The latest hit at big jazz festivals, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, at hip-hop parties around the corner and smoky soul bars in the US: the eccentric brass band, dedicated to funk and hip-hop, is coming to Maribor! 

The instrumentation of Hot 8 Brass Band is one of the more »classical« jazz ensembles with a history of 100 years going back to the cradle in New Orleans, but in its veins, there is fresh, young blood, which helped them climb the newcomer indie/hip-hop charts. Life forced them to passionately and enthusiastically create music for 20 years – first, there was hurricane Katrina, then the violent death of five members of the group and the disability of the leading trumpeter - these are all circumstances that helped them to keep their groove, to establish a good connection with the audience and to create something new every single time. Sometimes they take on songs by Snoop Dogg, Stevie Wonder, The Specials or – the song which became their biggest hit – »Sexual healing« by Marvin Gaye. They performed and collaborated with musicians such as Lauryn Hill, Mos Def and Blind boys of Alabama, in 2013 they were nominated for the Grammy Awards for their second album »The Life and Times Of…«.

We are looking forward to a fantastic party which surpasses racial, geographic and time limitations: Grooves from New Orleans, jazz, funk, soul, spiced up with the freshest hip-hop.

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