• 23.6. - 1.7. 2017


Bob Geldof – guitars, vocal
Alan Dunn – keyboards, accordion
Robert Loveday (aka Vince Lovepump) - violin
Paul Cuddeford – guitar
Pete Briquette – bass
Jim Russel – drums

Bob Geldof might be the most politically influential musician in the history of music: It all started with the shocking pictures of hunger in Ethiopia for the sake of which he formed Band Aid and recorded »Do They Know It's Christmas Time,« one of the best-selling singles of all times (in less than a week after release one million copies were sold). By organising Live Aid concerts in 1985 he convinced BBC to continuously broadcast 16 hours of rock music due to which 1.5 billion people saw the concerts, and collected 150 million pounds of financial aid. Live 8, which took place in 2005 at ten locations simultaneously, made pressure on the G8 meeting and rose awareness of the problems of modern Africa, including the government debts, trade restrictions, famine and diseases.

For many years he was on the list for the Nobel prize for peace as the first musician ever, in 1986 he was knighted by the Queen, and since then the nickname ”Sir Bob” stuck to him. He also received numerous honorary doctorates, prizes and awards for his charity work, in 2005 he also received the Brit Award for his lifetime achievements. He continues his tireless efforts by working for non-profit organisations One Campaign (together with Bono) and Africa Progress Panel (founded by Kofi Annan).

His lyrics are nowadays more accurate than any time before: the song »I Don't Like Mondays«, with which he ineradicably marked all Mondays in the world, is Geldof’s response to an elementary-school massacre; »The Great Song of Indifference« is the hymn to modern nihilism;; »This Is the World Calling« is the division between world-weariness and the love for life. With the new-wave group The Boomtown Rats he had several hits (»I Don't Like Mondays«, and also »Rat Trap«), in 1982 he played the main role, »Pink, in the metaphorical film The Wall of Pink Floyd. His music, inspired by Irish melodies, is still new-wavy protesting and rocky, it is also understandable for the Slovenian soul and contemporary happenings. Some things are eternal, such as hope, that we can change the world for the better, even though through music. 

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