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VEČER STAGE - wild, playful, and explosive


18. 05. 2017

On other venues you can watch, or listen, but on the Večer stage you can PARTY!

Noctiferia Unplugged (June 29th)

Each stage of the Lent Festival has its charm and its place, but the Večer stage has something more. Something wild, rebelliously playful, and raw. 

On other venues you can watch or listen, but on the Večer stage you can party! It has been known as the home of true rockers, in the past years it expanded its genre repertoire to modern, urban music genres. This year, it is waiting with a selection of musical delights for everyone. Without long introductions, and talks. Clear, loud, and determined. From the first accord to the last flashes of the spotlights.  

Some venues start their program slowly, and intensify it gradually until climax. The Večer stage is betting on explosiveness, this is why the Serbian band Sveže amputirana ruka Satrianija alias S.A.R.S. will take over the stage on the first evening. They will be accompanied by the Canadians from The Real McKenzies, that are complementing traditional Scottish music with classical punk instruments, and the Slovenian punk-rock phenomenon Trash Candy. “This year’s program is opening with full speed, so we can show that we are serious about it. Piše se leto is the strongest music spectacle in the program for the third time in a row, that’s why we put it first this year,” says stage producer Andrej Težak - Tešky. Whoever is expecting a break from the first peak, will be very surprised - on Saturday evening, The Sticky Licks will heat up the stage, and Zabranjeno pušenje will burn it down, singing their nostalgic melodies long into the night.


Sunday evenings are usually calmer. But not on the Večer stage! Other rules apply here! Save the date, so you won’t miss another highlight of this year’s program – the performance of the British band Stereo MC’sthat has its roots in hip-hop and DIY acid house/club scene of the 80’s, and has been recruiting new fans in the recent years, with their underground dance music.

Stereo MC's

How to proceed after such a bombastic intro? Full of energy, with no breaks, of course! With Zoran Čalić, ex-member of Majke, current guitarist of Big Foot Mama, and his band of experienced rockers, and probably one of the most successful Slovenian blues band Stray Trainthat is just returning from a very successful European tour, proving that they are already more appreciated abroad than at home. One day later we will continue with the Maribor reggae pioneers Siti Hlapci, and the Italian reggae/ska collective Earth Beat MovementWednesday will be owned by Ali En, Recyclemanand the currently very popular and productive voice of the young generation, Nipke with his band The Nipples.

Happy Ol' McWeasel

Such promising events deserve an adequately attention-grabbing closing.  On the Večer stage, this will happen in three phases. On Thursday, true music connoisseurs will be able to enjoy a sound delight, full of unforgettable guitars by Vasko Atanasovski Rock Trio and Noctiferia UnpluggedOn Friday you can jump to King Foo, and Happy Ol’ McWeasel, with a fusion of Irish folk music and energetic punk-rock. The last Saturday is dedicated to the Croatian legends of Jinx with their Yugo hits like "Gdje je sve po mom" and "Bye bye bye baby bye".

You can access the Večer stage with a daily ticket or a Lenta. The latter is the cheaper decision, since you will be able to see all 17 concerts on the Večer stage. The price for a Lenta is as always: during presale 20 € (10 € for students), and the regular price from June 12th on: 25 € (15 € for students). For more information on tickets and Lentas, click here.

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