• 23.6. - 1.7. 2017

SLADOLENT – The promenade of top flavours


25. 05. 2017

For the seventh year in a row, gourmets will be pampered with street food creations of Slovenian chefs at SladoLent, the biggest Slovenian street food promenade.

Spruce and apple by Jure Brložnik (Miza za 4)

A good festival atmosphere is not only created by great music and good company, but with excellent food and selected drinks.  

Street food are not only hamburgers, chevapcici and pancakes! Lent Festival visitors have known this for (at least) six years since they have been able to enjoy exquisite creations of renowned chefs just next to the Drava river. Through the years, the biggest Slovenian street food promenade did not get old – on the contrary – as the creator, Uroš Mencinger, said: SladoLent is getting younger! Because it will bring top Slovenian chefs to the Drava embankment for the seventh time, this also means that the chef elite is getting younger, and that we have more and more top restaurants in Slovenia. These changes and progress will also show in the food that can be found on this year’s menu. The chefs – in nine days there will be 31 – will prove (again), that street food is not fast food (anymore), but equally creative as the dishes in restaurants.”

The spectrum is very broad – from the 69th best restaurant in the world, Hiša Franko, to homely dining room Miza za 4 with 70 hearts (evaluation on the website www.vivi.si)!

This year, the fresh breeze (and tempting aromas) will be brought by Jorg Zupan (Atelje, Ljubljana), Gregor Jager (Gostilna Maribor), Dejan Mastnak in Aljaž Novšak (Tri lučke, Krško), Mojmir Šiftar (Skipass restavracija, Kranjska Gora), Leon in Valentina Pintarič (Gostilna Rajh, Bakovci), Simon Bertoncelj (Restavracija Julijana, Bled), and Jure Brložnik (Miza za štiri, Maribor).

The cooking show on SladoLentstarts every day at 19:00, and lasts until midnight! 

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