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Lent no. 25 reveals its first performers


04. 05. 2017

The 25th edition of the festival presents the biggest events that will revive numerous venues and corners of the city! Lentas and tickets are in presale until June 11th.

This year, the Lent Festival will be something special, since we are celebrating an important milestone in the history of the biggest regional multicultural festival, which provided Maribor with a special mark and contributed to its international recognisability in the cultural field.

We are celebrating 25 years of growth, existence, fights, happiness, Lent-ing and festival adventures through which the team developed and helped the festival to become one of the biggest summer festivals, and, by all means, the most diverse and comprehensive event far and wide. Due to its concept and persistence, the Lent Festival is one of the most renowned and positive trademarks of Maribor and we hope the time will soon come when we will be able to use it for the promotion of the city through cultural tourism in a better way.  

The Lent Festival started and grew from the wish to provide the city and its inhabitants with cultural highlights, intensive and cosmopolitan diversity for an affordable price at least once per year. This type of events is more frequent in better developed cities and can be attended on a daily basis. For the character of the city and the festival the emergence and existence of such a festival is essential – without stubbornness, enthusiasm and connectedness, solidarity and goodwill of a huge number of people who feel connected with the city and are willing to help, the festival would not exist.

Andrej Fištravec, mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, Vladimir Rukavina, manager of Narodni dom Maribor, Robert Senica, vice-chairman of Nova KBM, and Danilo Rošker, manager of SNG Maribor, at the press conference on the terrace of Nova KBM, May 4th 2017

Main stage on the Trg Leona Štuklja square

will remain the main venue of the city and festival, since it will be hosting the most attention-grabbing names and the most diverse and colourful happening. We are very proud of the continuously good collaboration with SNG Maribor in the form of the premiere (!) of Verdi’s opera La Traviata, directed by the renowned Argentinian director Hugo de Ana, who won recognition on the most important opera stages around the world.

La Traviata

An exception experience of the open-air stage will also be the performance of Favn – Carmen – Bolero, an exquisite chorographical trio created by Edward Clug, Valentina Turcu and Johan Inger.

Favn - Carmen - Bolero

Multicultural Folkart will celebrate its 29th edition in a row and will bring a colourful spectrum of beautiful folk traditions, and turn the city into a lively centre of world folklore. We are looking forward to passionate rhythms from Cuba, African sounds from Botswana, proud performances by Georgia, and lively dances from Croatia, together with hot and energetic performances by Hungary as well as strikingly wild Bulgaria. As always, you will be able to see Slovenian folklore by the Academic folklore group Študent from Maribor. 

Without a doubt, Bob Geldof will be the star of the Main stage, the artist known for his humanitarian actions. For many years, he was on the list for the Nobel prize, his lyrics are nowadays more accurate than any time before: the song »I Don't Like Mondays«, with which he ineradicably marked all Mondays in the world, is Geldof’s response to an elementary-school massacre; »The Great Song of Indifference« is the hymn to modern nihilism; »This Is the World Calling« is the division between world-weariness and the love for life.  His music, inspired by Irish melodies, is still new-wavy protesting and rocky, it is also understandable for the Slovenian soul and current events.

Bob Geldof

This year, we are hosting a foreign musical for the first time, the disreputable creation of Andrew Lloyd Weber - Jesus Christ Superstar. The story comes out of the New Testament and depicts last seven days of Jesus Christ’s life from the viewpoint of Judas Iskariot who finally betrayed Jesus. Brno City Theatre (Městské divadlo Brno) focuses on musicals, and has staged 48 musicals up until today (Les Misérables, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Fame, Cats, Chicago, Witches of Eastwick, Jekyll and Hyde, Mary Poppins ...). The musical will be staged in English.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Zavarovalnica Sava stage - Minoriti

The most attention-grabbing names will perform on the Zavarovalnica Sava stage. You will be able to listen to jazz music or watch a comedy, and after the program, the venue will transform into the space for the striking After-parties at Minoriti.


The performances on the stage in Minoriti will be opened by the legendary ensemble of Reporter Milan with their newest show „The silvers are going south.” This will be followed by the bigoted comedy by Goran Vojnović with Klemen Slakonja and Tadej Toš „Taxi“ which has been awarded three times at the Comedy days 2014 in Celje.


On 6 evenings, the stage will be dedicated to jazz tradition and world music – JazzLent will presents its unique, creative and high-quality performers. Robert Jukič, one of the most visible Slovenian jazz musicians and the leader of this year’s Jazz Podiums, GoGo Penguin, Hot 8 Brass Band, Omar Sosa with his quartet, Pat Thomas and his Kwashibu Area Band, and Pharoah Sanders – what more could you ask for?

GoGO Penguin

Večer stage

Večer stage will be hosting the traditional Piše se leto with S.A.R.S., The Real McKenzies, and Trash Candy. Saturday will be dedicated to the legends of yugo nostalgia Zabranjeno pušenje. More concerts: Stereo MCs, Stray Train, Zoran Čalić band, Siti hlapci, Earth Beat Movement, The Recycle man, Nipke, The Nipples, Noctiferia, Vasko Atanasovski, Happy Ol’ McWeasel and Psihomodo pop – definitely something for every music taste!


Judgement tower

The stage in the Judgment tower is a synonym for diversity. You can look forward to ethno music, as well as other music genres performed in the intimacy and romanticism of this small venue.

Music Artist Salon

Music artist salon is a collection of classical concerts dedicated to summer and connoisseurs of chamber music. The Union hall is prolonging its regular concert season and is offering cultural joy to a more demanding audience. It also offers an opportunity to young musicians to introduce themselves and gather experience for their future carreers.

Mladina stage

For the thirteenth year, Mladina stage is the window into the world of music novelties, trends and innovations brought to you by underground and independent music artists from Slovenia and Europe. The stage has gained international recognition which can be proved by applications from all corners of Europe and even Mexiko. The stage will be located in Satchmo Jazz Club where it will host top artists from Slovenia, France, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia.  

Vetrinjski dvor mansion – Stand-up comedy

Since 2007, Club StandUpKomedije from Maribor is taking care of the most funny part oft he festival. You can look forward to renowned local comedians as well as one evening of comedy in English.

The easiest and cheapest way for Lent-ing is with a Lenta!

The easiest way to stroll through the festival events is with the festival ticket Lenta! Lenta is the cheapest way to see the rich selection of performances. It is valid for all 9 days of the festival happening, and can get you to more than 90 concerts, ballet, folklore events, stand-up performances, DJ evenings, and other shows. Lenta-holders will get a special discount for individual tickets for events which require additional entry fees due to the high demand and the limited capacity of the venue. Lenta also offers many other benefits.

We are extremely glad that we are maintaining the collaboration with other public institutes in Maribor which promote and enable access to the broader cultural and sports offer in Maribor through their participation.

Ticket presale starts on May 4th and will last until June 11th.


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