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JAZZLENT – music legends, and bold innovators


24. 05. 2017

JazzLent is an indispensable member of the Lent Festival family, basically a festival within the festival that by is proving with his always new approaches that „jazz“ is a word for uniqueness, creativity, quality, and is not only a music genre.

In 2014, JazzLent found its home on the stage of the Puppet theatre Maribor, that is called Zavarovalnica Sava stage during the festival. With performances by the biggest masters of jazz tradition and world music, it became the key program of the Lent Festival, which is also proven by this year’s selection.

Bold trio from Manchester

Without a doubt we can write, that the acoustic trio from Manchester, GoGo Penguin, that will be performing on JazzLent on Tuesday, June 27th, is one of the hottest jazz ensembles of our time! Pianist Chris Illingworth, bass player Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner brought an intoxicating mixture of various influences such as Brian Eno, Massive Attack, and Aphex Twin to the grey and rainy streets of their hometown, based on which they created a unique and bold new sound. Their album »V2.0« (Gondwana records) was placed among the best albums of 2014 for the Mercury award, where they were in the company of Damon Albarn, Young Fathers and Jungle, besides that they gained loyal fans all over the world. In April 2015, they announced that they signed a contract with Blue Note Records for three albums, the new »Man Made Object« is the renewed embodiment of the »humanisation« of electronic sounds, and their translation into the language of piano, bass and drums.

GoGo Penguin (photo E. Dennison)

The hot eight, and the Afro-Cuban tradition

The next evening is reserved for the latest hit at big jazz festivals, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, at hip-hop parties around the corner and smoky soul bars in the US: The eccentric Hot 8 Brass band, dedicated to funk and hip-hop parties! We are looking forward to a fantastic party which surpasses racial, geographic and time limitations: Grooves from New Orleans, jazz, funk, soul, spiced up with the freshest hip-hop.

Thursday, June 28, the night will be dedicated to the Afro-Cuban tradition, since we are hosting the innovative Cuban pianist, composer, and arranger Omar Sosa with his quartet. Sosa connects this legacy with other music cultures, also far away from his primary inspiration, as for example Moroccan trans-like gnawa genre or Arabian and Indian music. His ensembles are as eclectic, they combine known names such as Paquito D'Rivera, Trilok Gurtu, Dhafer Youssef, Mino Cinelu or Paolo Fresu.

 Hot 8 Brass Band. Omar Sosa. 

Music legends for the big finale

Not many music genres can draw such a big smile on one’s face as African highlife can. And not many highlife singers can compare himself/herself to the silky voice of Pat Thomas, the legend of popular music from Ghana, who they also call »the golden voice of Africa«.

In his music, the first real »Ghanaian rocker«, who will perform with the group Kwashibu Area Band on June 30th, reflects the taste of the ex-West-African elite in the 70s; he embodies the musical feeling which brought happiness and dancing into the otherwise poor and depressive environment.

The last, Saturday night will resonate with the unique personality and priceless historic role in the development of music in the 20th century: Pharoah Sanders will perform with his quartet. »Probably the best tenor saxophone player in the world,« said Ornette Coleman. Before his death in 1970, Albert Ayler could tell: »Trane was the Father, Pharoah the Son, and I was the Holy Spirit!«.

Pat Thomas. Pharoah Sanders.

JazzPodium with diverse Jukič

This year’s leader of the JazzPodium is Robert Jukič, one of the most visible Slovenian jazz musicians and the diverse bass player who has been appearing on stages of national and international jazz clubs and festivals for many years. The long list of groups and artist he collaborated with as an instrumentalist and composer knows no limits: national, nor musical.

For the Lent Festival, he prepared three premieres with funny and expressive titles and with international ensembles. He will start on June 25th in the Judgement tower with the concert

The Brightest Button (with Tomaž Gajšt, trumpet, Jaka Kopač, saxophone, and Janko Novoselić, drums). On the next evening he will be performing at the Zavarovalnica Sava stage with one of the big band ensembles in the entire world – Big Band RTV Slovenija, that has been active since 1945. On June 28th he will return to the Judgement tower with the international trio, and the concert of A few Sandwiches short of a Picnic, where he will be accompanied by the Austrian trumpet player Daniel Noesig, and the Serbian drummer Andjelko Stupar.

Robert Jukič

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