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AQUA FORTE - Spectacle on the Drava river


23. 05. 2017

In honour of the 25th anniversary, we are organising a spectacle on the Drava river, created especially for Maribor by the French masters of street theatre!

Aqua Forte (foto S. Eggelton)

Aqua Forte ("strong water", or the Latin name for nitric acid) is a water spectacle that has been adapted to the Lent Festival and its 25th anniversary. It emphasizes the importance of the Drava river for the life in Maribor, and the marks the river left on the city and its inhabitants.

The performance is staged by the world-famous street theatre group ILOTOPIE from the vicinity of Marseille which is specialized in shows on water during which it is telling everyday stories without words, but with the help of light, sound, original music and pyrotechnics. Ordinary people and objects transform into dreamy, mythical creatures and objects which find themselves in the middle of an odyssey of epic dimensions. The actors walk on water, ride their bicycles, take their kids in their prams for a stroll, and drive cars on the "streets" of the river.

VIDEO: Highlights of Ilotopie's previous performances!

"Ilotopie" is a collective of actors, sculptors, musicians and artist who have been enthralling the audience with the capricious and spectacular creations. Their majestic performances are incomparable, since they spent the last two decades searching for solutions of the numerous technical obstacles to make it possible for their actors to retain their expressive power and the freedom of movement on the stage which is in permanent liquid state. Therefore, it is no surprise that they became one of the most popular French street theatre groups that has been staging their shows all over the world – from Chicago, Moscow, Sydney, Buenos Aires, to Singapore. 

Dominque Noel, the creative producer of the projects, says: "Although we already performed all over the world, each city, each river and each lake has its own character and is a new challenge. During the preparations for the show we visit the city and research its waters and possible locations. I have to confess, that Maribor has a beautiful river and city, which create an extraordinary scenery for our show, this is why we adapted it for Maribor and named it Aqua Forte, strong water.«  

Lyn Gardner for The Guardian after watching Ilotopie’s show Water Fools: "If Lewis Carroll focused his absurd imagination into street theatre and collaborated with Salvador Dali and Heronymus Bosch, then together they might have come up with Aqua Forte – a strange, dreamy, floating spectacle by the artists from Ilotopie who literarily walk on water.«

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