Lenta is a general full-festival ticket for all the venues* and definitely the cheapest way to attend more of your favourite festival events.

Lenta is valid for all 9 days and is your ticket for more than 80 events:

  • 54 concerts and a musical (Main stage at the Drava river*, Mladina Stage, Judgement tower, Music Artists' Salon),
  • ballet under the stars:  Swan lake (Main stage at the Drava river, 22. 6.),
  • stand-up performance Tadej Toš & Band Rock'n'Roll Freestyle Comedy (Main stage at the Drava river, 28. 6.)
  • 7 dogodkov Odprte plesne scene  (Lutkovno gledališče Maribor in SNG Maribor. 20. 6. do 23. 6.)
  • opening and closing event of the 30th Folklore festival Folkart  (Main stage at the Drava river, 26. 6. in 30.6.)
  • 9 stand-up performances (Vetrinje Mansion),
  • 6 After at Minoriti DJ events. 

With Lenta you also get a discount on all 10 programme highlights of the festival:

  • 2 concerts: Plavi orkestar, Đorđe Balašević Unplugged (Main stage at the Drava river),
  • 5 concerts at JazzLent (Minoriti Stage),
  • 3 comedies (Minoriti Stage).

Lenta also includes:

Entrance with Lenta is possible only until reaching maximum audience capacity. Seat reservations are not possible.

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